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One Fell Swoop

Eleven original songs of Americana
CD:  $14.95

Porcupine Creek

Just a stone throw off an old dirt road
Half o’ mile over the ridge
There’s a crooked o’ shack back in the woods
At the end of a rickety bridge
Now ever since I was a barefoot child
Out o’ the window I’d sneak
To where the bears run wild and the bobcats prowl
Up on Porcupine Creek

Way up on Porcupine Creek
Any o’ day the week
Me n’ my dog and a fishin’ pole
Settin’ there danglin’ our feet
Up on Porcupine Creek

We’ll be huckleberry pie, darlin’ you and I
Even when the road gets rough
With the honeybees buzzin’
In the blossoms of the trees
We’ll never stop fallin’ in love
Oh, the wind may blow, the creek could overflow
The roof might spring a leak
We’ll be happy I know in our bungalow
Up on Porcupine Creek

Way up on Porcupine Creek
Ever since before I could speak
I been singin’ them gospel harmonies
Any o’ day of the week
Up on Porcupine Creek

On his dyin’ day I heard granddaddy say
With a voice ragged and gruff
Don’t let your heart just whither away
Son, I know life can be tough
I had a lot o’ hard knocks but I ain’t been licked
Learned to turn the other cheek
And there ain’t a heartache that can’t be fixed
Up on Porcupine Creek


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