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One Fell Swoop

Eleven original songs of Americana
CD:  $14.95

Way Back Home

Ten years ago
Or maybe yesterday
I lost my dreams
And I thought I’d lost my way
When a dirty daily news
Lyin’ in the street
Danced over
Wrapped around my feet
And I reached down
And I found my way back home

There are roadblocks
All the way along
But the barricades
Are there to make you strong
When the world knocks
And life slaps you down
And you get up
And you go another round
That’s when you know
You’re on your way back home

Where are you tonight?
Are you out there on your own?
Someone will shine a light
To guide your way along

In a dream I wandered
Down that old river road
When the rain came
And turned into snow
And the moon rose
Up over the trees
And the beauty
Brought me to my knees
And I reached down
And I found my way
And I feel like I’m on my way

Yes, I feel like I’m on my way back home
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