School Assemblies and Songwriting Workshops

"Anything is Possible" School Assembly
Two Assemblies in one day (same school)

Emmy award winning songwriter, acclaimed author, illustrator Tim Noah, shares his creative process. With songs, storytelling and his unique ability to engage his audience, he inspires, encourages, delights and invites students and staff to sing, dance, express, create and dream. (50-55 min.)

Click here for Anything is Possible video

Create Your Own School Song Workshop
(Without recording)        $1250.00
(With recording)        $1650.00

Tim Noah and colleague, Cyndi "Soup" Elliott, M.A. Edu., create a safe, supportive environment designed to inspire students to explore the joy of creative writing through song. They visit classrooms and work cooperatively with students and staff to create a song that encapsulates school: philosophy, activities, curriculum or a special event. In culmination of the day’s activities, students and staff are presented with their new song and lead in a rousing sing-a-long.

Two-Day Songwriting Workshop
(Without recording)        $1850.00
(With recording)        $2250.00

Includes 10 interactive 45 minute & one 20 minute assembly

"His entertaining performances and inspiring instruction capture
the imaginations of all audience members, regardless of age."
Lynne Charlot, Teacher-Librarian
Machias Elementary School

Note:  Travel, lodging and meals are billed at cost. When multiple Assemblies/Workshops are performed in the same area, during the same time frame, these costs are divided equally among the participants.

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