From Mountain to Mountain

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Cultural Awareness & Songwriting Workshop

(one, two or three day option)

Songwriter, Tim Noah and Cyndi “Soup” Elliott, M.A. Arts in Education, trekked through the Himalayas, where they had the privilege of working with and performing for children and teachers in remote villages of Ladakh, India. Through storytelling, song and video they share their experiences. Students are encouraged to participate by comparing the cultural similarities and differences of children in remote villages in the East to those in the West. Working collaboratively, students and teachers create a “song-bridge” between these two very diverse cultures. In final celebration, students and teachers joyfully sing their original song. (see video)

Goals of the Mountain To Mountain Workshop

  • Provide an opportunity for students and teachers to participate in developing a greater sense of world community
  • Enable students and teachers to actively participate in the creative process.
  • Encourage students to contribute colorful and descriptive words as a part of the song writing process.
  • Define and demonstrate the parts of a song - chorus, verse, melody and rhythm.
  • Help students to construct creative movements and share them during the performance of the song.
  • Encourage and reinforce student cooperation and collaboration

“His entertaining performances and inspiring instruction capture the imaginations of all 
audience members, regardless of age.”

Lynne Charlot, Teacher-librarian 
Machias Elementary School