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Faces of Christmas

12 Songs
CD: $14.95

The season will be lighter and brighter with this brand new winterful, wonderful collection of songs for the holidays! Tim Noah sings stories and songs and introduces a colorful cast of characters sure to delight young and old for years to come.


12 Songs
CD: $11.95

A country quilt collection of twelve songs to fill you full of fresh air, inspiration, and fun! Music the whole family will enjoy repeatedly.

"...executed to perfection... Noah proves with this album that he has few peers when it comes to full-bodied family entertainment... with Kaddywompas, (Tim Noah) has come up with yet another winner." --Jim Kelton Music Critic/The Everett Herold

"...the production is wonderful... magnificent collection and a must buy for family, country and kids' music lovers ... This album reeks of of having fun with your music while delivering a superb professional product ..." --Chris Lunn Editor/Victory Review


11 Super Songs!
CD: $11.95

This colection of supertunes is hummable, funny and sometimes wacky. A supersonic surprise guaranteed to lift your spirits and get the whole family rockin' ... dedicated to Superkids everywhere.

Winner of Parents' Choice Gold Award

"It's clear that Tim Noah was raised on Rock 'n' Roll...as (he) moves easily from up-tempo " boogie (Rip Roarin' and Raren' To Go) to heart-throb souldul (Little Voice Inside)."
--Parents Choice Foundation

"Atentive parents can find reminders of the glory days of thier own youth. Tim Noah belts out a Springsteen-style anthum: "I was raised on Rock 'n' Roll/Bo Diddley, Fats Domino,Mamma Rocked Me By The Radio." --TIME Magazine

In Search Of The Wow Wow Wibble Woggle Wazzie Woodle Woo! Soundtrack

Twelve singable dancable original songs
CD: $11.95

Soundtrack from the popular music video. Lyrics are included so you won't miss even one delicious word.

Winner of Parents' Choice Gold Award

"Occasionally someone comes along with the unique combination of charachter and sensitivity which touches the core of children with an impact just shy of a lightening bolt. Tim Noah...is one of these magical people" --Jo Ann Gergosian/The Times Record, Maine

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