To whom it may concern,
First off I want to say that I am a huge fan of Tim Noah!! I guess I should introduce myself, my name is Brad Lovel, I am 22 years old living in Marysville, Wa. I just purchased Tim Noah's Supertunes Album. I can't even begin to describe what this album truly means to me and my family. My Dad was a severe alcoholic and the day after my Mom divorced my Dad she took me and my little brother to see Tim Noah in concert. I remember thinking I was too cool and too old to be there. What I remember the most though, was how much fun my brother, my mom, and I had together. It was almost a sign that things were going to be OK with out my Dad around, that we could actually be happy and move forward. She even swears that he winked at her and she has had a crush since. Every Christmas since then my Mom plays her Tim Noah cassettes while we decorate the tree or open presents. The last few years a lot has changed around our family. My Mom has remarried and now has 2 year old twins, a boy and girl Dylan and Cassidy. We can no longer listen to our Tim Noah tapes because we don't have a tape player anymore, which is why I just purchased the CD. Now Cassidy and Dylan can grow up with Tim Noah just wanted to know if I could get a autograph on the CD for Dylan and Cassidy. I'm willing to pay whatever may be required. My last question is what are Tim Noah's concert dates for December?.

Thank you very much for your time.
Brad Lovell

"I just ordered a couple CD’s and DVD for my son and all my nieces and nephews for Christmas, I just wanted to say thanks for being who you are that’s all!! I really appreciate your positive influence on life as a whole!!"


Julianne Sanford

"So sweet and pure are the tunes and words in Tim's music- it filled my heart with love. He is truly a precious gift of God".

God Bless you always,

Tim and Cindy

"Incredible! Outstanding! Amazing! Fun! Dancing! Jumping! Flying! Pure joy! Describe our “incredible day” with Tim Noah and Cyndi Soup".

"Tim Noah and Cyndi Soup possess an incredible talent for getting children excited about music and writing. They presented such a warm response to all children, allowing time to dance or sing and give ideas in front of their peers. Tim signed autographs and spoke with several children individually through out the day and smiled cheerfully at the many photo opportunities".

"Tim Noah’s songwriting workshop was great! Even though Tim runs his workshops somewhat differently than our Young Authors Day, he and Cyndi worked very hard to meet our school’s needs. I recommend this workshop to schools and other agencies that deal with children and education! If character education and positive self-image are priorities in your organizations then Tim Noah and Cyndi Soup are the team you seek. You will not be disappointed!"

As Mayor of Newcastle, I was thrilled that Tim Noah agreed to perform in our summer concert- in-the-park series this year. We wanted to provide a special event for the many families with children in Newcastle, and of course we knew of Tim Noah’s excellent reputation as a writer and singer of children’s songs.

Despite cloudy weather, Tim Noah’s performance was well attended, and within minutes he had a crowd of children around the stage joining him in song and dance. He continued to perform even during a brief cloudburst, and the audience — adults and children alike — were so enthralled by his wonderful songs and amazing energy that they seemed not to notice the rain.

One thing I especially liked about Tim Noah was his rapport with the children. Many came up to him after the performance, and he took the time to listen to each one and say something to make them feel special.

The primary goal of the City of Newcastle’s summer concert series is to foster a sense of community. Tim Noah’s concert definitely accomplished that goal. I highly recommend him as a talented entertainer and a genuinely nice person.

Mayor of Newcastle

13020 Newcastle Way, Newcastle, Washington 98059-3030
Telephone: (425) 649-4444 Fax: (425) 649-4363

"Never in my eight years as an administrator at Foothills Elementary have I seen our students erupt in a spontaneous standing ovation! The emotion pouring forth from all those students was indescribable. Tim, they absolutely fell in love with you during that day, and I just wanted to thank you for creating such a powerful memory for all the students, staff and parents at Foothills Elementary."

Christine Larson
Highland Elementary School

Tim Noah is an important character in our local community. He is well-known and loved by children and their parents for his fun and entertaining music presentations with positive messages. He has done an excellent job tailoring school presentations to the goals of the school and the level of his audience. He continues to contribute to the arts community of the greater Snohomish area through his drama and music classes and the charming plays he presents with children at the Thumbnail Theater. Many of our students at Machias are proud to be involved in drama endeavors with Tim at the Thumbnail Theater. Tim is a talented and generous resource that our community is fortunate to have serving the artistic talents and imaginations of our children.
I am pleased to recommend Tim Noah for school assemblies and artist in residence programs. His entertaining performances and inspiring instruction capture the imaginations of all audience members, regardless of age.

Lynne Chariot, Teacher-librarian
Machias Elementary School
Snohomish, Washington

Tim Noah spent a full day at Mountain Meadow facilitating a song-writing workshop that resulted in writing a new school song. Tim immediately captured the attention of our student body by opening the day with a lively assembly. The kids were able to participate along the way. It was an incredible sight to see this group of nearly 500 feeling the rhythm. Tim even had them up on their feet dancing.

Janel Keating, Principal
Mountain Meadow Elementary

What a show!  We are all still wow wow wibble wobble wazzy woodle wooing and it’s two days later.  The kids loved the performance.  They were entranced by the stories and delighted by the songs and the performance.  Our student leaders really enjoyed the opportunity to help you and be part of the performance.  Their parents thought it was good creative fun program that delivered a very positive message.  Several of our students made a point to stop me and thank me for putting on this event for their children.  Your event reinforced our educational connection with the community.

Walt Sommers, Ph.D
Director of Student Programs
Pierce College

Your production was delightful and fun! Many of our staff brought their families to enjoy the evening it was great to see those little children dancing with you and having a marvelous time.
The songs were clever and the critters were excellent. Each character had a very distinct and entertaining personality. Our friends and families loved it.
We will always remember your performance as a wonderful beginning to the Christmas Season. Thanks again for your entertaining show.

Joan Silling
System Office Director
Operations and Services
Providence Health & Services

I first heard Tim Noah perform live in March, 2006 at the Tosco Music Party for Kids in Charlotte, NC. It was a sold-out show of 570 kids and their parents. His performance with his contagious energy was perfect for our audience. He definitely knows how to connect with children. By the end of his performance he had everyone dancing to his music with more than a dozen kids on stage feeling like they were stars!
That same weekend I had the opportunity to hear his “adult” show. Tim demonstrated that he can write and sing wonderful songs that touch your heart. He obviously has a big heart himself and he is not only a talented professional, but a kind person as well.
I would highly recommend Tim Noah for almost any show at any venue.


John Tosco
Tosco Music Parties, Inc.